Giving Back

Every party that comes our way helps us to continually donate to the following causes… some on a monthly basis and some whenever the need arises…



Four Paws is an international animal rescue society that has many projects around the world in progress assisting to needs of stray animals, Disaster relief, horses, bears and our big cats…

FOUR PAWS’ Big Cat Sanctuary LIONSROCK in South Africa offers abused lions, tigers, cheetahs and other big cats from zoos, circuses and bad private keeping a new, species appropriate home.

We currently donate R125 every month to this organization.

Please consider adding to our donation by visiting this link 


October 2016 Kyalami Venue donated a jumping castle for the Kyasands nursery school Christmas party called Build the Future.


I also donated a 2 hour event photography shoot for the cause. See the pictures here 🙂 they are all so cute!


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