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Venue Viewing Hours

Viewing are by appointment only,   Please specify your preferred day and time from the below options:

Weekdays  – 12:30 - 14:00 or 4pm

Saturdays   – Before or after a party booking (we do not allow viewing during a party) 

                         7:30 - 8:30;        12:00- 12:30;        17:30 - 18:00

Sundays      – from 11am, after church services

Meet the Venue Team

Violet Mamabosa
Managing Party Assistant 

The first team member and more experienced in customer service, Violet guided Janine in the initially stages of party service industry. She has since had a new baby and her first born daughter also had a baby. Violet continually offered "older sister" guidance for the growth the the venue as well as personal growth over the past 10 years with deep conversations of a spiritual nature.

 Party Assistant 

A mom of a 4 year old, Sharon joined our team shortly after lockdowns October 2021, and diligently and patiently waited for the parties to pick up again after a year of no business.  By her arrival there was hope for a new dawn in the party venue, that all was not lost and life would return to normal.

Janine Axmann

CEO / Founder

A mom of a 3 year old, Janine established the party venue in 2012, and has developed the venue over the years advancing in administrative expertise in making this a smooth experience for her clients. She mostly works online with processing the bookings and party coordination with the venue team and other outsourced party planners. She has magnetized a wonderful team of 4 mothers who work closely together to delivery a superior experience.

Naomi Refilwe
Manager Party Assistant

A mom of 2 boys, a 5 year old and a 2 year old. Naomi is wonderfully dedicated to bringing a high quality service to our venue clients and always with a smile.   Naomi Joined the team 4 years ago and very quickly grew to be a managing assistant for events. 

Rose Diederichs
Party Assistant

Also a mom, Rose was originally the child carer of Violet and Naomi's children during weekends and joined our team September 2021 when looking for more work after lockdowns. Sweet natured and wise, she always does more than what is asked of her, attentive to your parties needs.